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Artist. Producer. Entrepreneur.

In this time of uncertainty, Joy Daniels' music encompasses the importance of uplifting and empowering humankind. Musically known as joyforthepeople, Joy's beautiful melodies explore the complexities of the human spirit.  


Currently residing in Los Angeles, Joy was born in New Orleans and raised in the suburbs of Central New Jersey. As a child, Joy began playing drums in her parents church where she first grasped her love for music. She later studied Music Business/Management at Berklee College of Music in Boston.


A natural-born performer, Joy has toured as a background vocalist with Sam Smith and choir member for Stevie Wonder. Most recently, her time has been spent producing and writing for the music industry’s next generation of artists. Joy’s behind the scenes work led to the birth of her production company, Osaati Records. In 2018, Osaati Records signed its first recording artist, singer Chelsea Marie.


Joy and the Osaati Records team are excited to share new and exciting content for fans in 2022 - including the release of ‘Fearless Joy’ , the long-awaited EP following the release of Joy’s last album, Joy After The Rain. Fans, family and followers can follow the journey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @joyforthepeople. 


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